Reiwa 2 year annual business plan

MonthDay MonthDay 
R2109Chairman and Vice Chairman
41"Bunkyo Sokojikara" ward consignment business started23Regular board
10Chairman and Vice ChairmanWard quotient consecutive news 360th issuance
Accounting Subcommittee/Accounting Audit
17Regular board116Chairman and Vice Chairman
58Chairman and Vice Chairman13~14Participation in the Bunkyo Expo (sponsored by the ward) (date is planned)
22Regular general meeting and social gathering20Regular board
1211Chairman and Vice Chairman
65Chairman and Vice Chairman
19Regular boardR2
18Chairman and Vice Chairman
710Chairman and Vice Chairman20Regular board
17Regular boardWard quotient consecutive news 361th issue
Ward quotient consecutive news 359th issue2370th anniversary ceremony (Tokyo Dome Hotel)
87Chairman and Vice Chairman5Chairman and Vice Chairman
17Regular board
911Chairman and Vice Chairman312Chairman and Vice Chairman
16Regular board23Regular board
Ward quotient consecutive news 362 issue

Organization introduction

job titleDepartment in chargePerson in chargeDutiesJurisdiction Committee
ChairmanKunio UemotoOverseeing the FederationMembership Promotion Committee
Chairman Meiji Sugita
Join promotion business
Vice-presidentGeneral Affairs DepartmentKawamata YasunoriManagement of regular board meetings
New Year social gathering/general gathering
Secretariat management
Vice-presidentAccounting DepartmentKeiichi ShimizuGeneral account budget and settlement
Special account budget and settlement
Life mutual aid
Vice-presidentBusiness/Planning DepartmentTetsuya Nakamura

Koichiro Terasawa

Keiichi Shimizu
Premium shopping ticket businessTetsuya Nakamura Chairman,
Point Card Committee
Point card business
Digital business
Single year business
Vice-presidentExternal relationsMeiji SugitaMeasures against large stores
Public relations
Vice-presidentPublic relations departmentHiroshi KuritaWard quotient consecutive newsHiroshi Kurita,     Chairman, Ward Shoren News Editorial Committee
Vice-presidentWelfare departmentKoichiro TerasawaSeminar/Course